Peer Reviewed Publications

“Medicaid Expansion Associated With Some Improvements in Perinatal Mental Health” with Claire Margerison, Robert Kaestner, Sidra Goldman-Mellor, and Danielle Gartner. Health Affairs, (link).


Poor perinatal mental health is a common pregnancy-related morbidity with potentially serious impacts that extend beyond the individual to their families. A possible contributing factor to poor perinatal mental health is discontinuity in health insurance coveragem which is particularly important among low-income individuals. We examined impacts of Medicad expansion on pre-pregnancy depression screening and self-reported depression and postpartum depressive symptoms and wellbeing among low-income individuals giving birth. Medicaid expansion was associated with a 16% decline in self-reported pre-pregnancy depression but was not associated with postpartum depressive symptoms or wellbeing. Associations between Medicaid expansion and pre-pregnancy mental health measures increased with time since expansion. Expanding health insurance to low-income individuals prior to pregnancy may improve perinatal mental health.

Working Papers

"Extension of Medicaid to the Postpartum Year: What Do We Know?" with Claire Margerison (under review)

"The ACA and Racial Disparities in Women’s Health: A Review of the Literature" with Colleen MacCallum-Bridges, Claire Margerison, Danielle Gartner, and Yasamean Zamani-Hanks (under review)

Works In Progress

“Intertemporal Substitution in Response to High-Deductible Health Insurance”

The Effects of Medicaid Expansion on Women’s Health with C. Margerison & R. Kaestner

“Policy Report on the Child Tax Credit in Michigan” with C. Margerison & Y. Zamani-Hanks

Research Assistant

Research Assistant, Michigan State University, Spring 2020-Present

Claire Margerison, Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Economics Department Research Assistant, Hope College, Spring 2016-Fall 2016

David Phillips (Spring 2016), Steven McMullen (Fall 2016)

Research Assistant, Hope College, Summer 2016

Estelle, S.M. and D.C. Phillips (2018) “Smart Sentencing Guidelines: The Effect of Marginal Policy Changes on Recidivism.” Journal of Public Economics, 164.